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Kristin's Miscellaneous Movie Awards (2009 edition)! - Silverhill's Lair
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Kristin's Miscellaneous Movie Awards (2009 edition)!
For those movies I first saw in 2009 (not necessarily related to release date):

Guilty Pleasures of the Year:
Valentino: The Last Emperor and The September Issue ... for being that brand of documentary that isn't really educational, more like reality TV in film form. But so entertaining and wonderful to look at.

Funniest Movie of the Year:
I was surprised by this. Easy Virtue. Very funny, but I guess it means I was lacking in good comedies in 2009.

Most Unintentionally Funny Movie of the Year:
I expected 2012 to win this, but the actual winner is ... Knowing. Hilarious!

Most Impressive Acting:
Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married. Not necessarily the best acting I saw all year. But she won me over, where before I thought she was an overrated celebrity who couldn't really act. She did a good job.

The What's-Next? Award (those I can't wait to see more from):
Michael Sheen (because I love him in everything, Frost/Nixon included).

Zoe Saldana (because I've loved her since Center Stage, and Star Trek made me an even bigger fan).

Pixar (because they are unparalleled artists and everything they do is brilliant)

Most Brilliant Comedian:
Bob Peterson (of Pixar). As a writer and a voice actor. He's unfailingly funny.

(If this were for TV, Jane Lynch would win without question.)

Biggest Disappointments (movies I was expecting to like more than I did):
I know I'm very much in the minority: Where the Wild Things Are A seminal book from my childhood, and I found the movie boring and annoying. Great visuals. Too much whiny arguing.

Best Surprise (movies I was expecting to like less than I did and which ended up blowing me away):
Man on Wire. Amazing.
Star Trek. When I can't contain my glee and halfway through turn to Adam to exclaim how awesome the movie is, yeah, it's good.

Most Forgettable Movie
The Hours I watched the whole thing, but I don't really remember anything more about it than I knew after seeing the trailer.

Genre Award
Since I saw only one heist movie this year (Duplicity), this is going award the best documentary. I saw five this year! ... Man on Wire by a long shot! The others were still good, though.

Most Overrated Award
Where the Wild Things Are

Sexiest On-Screen Moment
I know there were some decidedly sexy moments in several of the movies I saw (including Benjamin Button, The Duchess, etc.) ... but since I can't remember them, they aren't eligible.

Winner by default: the kiss between Spock and Uhura in Star Trek.


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