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Goals for the Year - Silverhill's Lair
... are you here?
Goals for the Year

  • Visit my nieces (and my sisters' new babies) — Yes! This was probably the most important goal for me to accomplish, so I'm glad I at least did this.
  • Play the role of Catherine in Proof — No.
  • Save money and decrease my debt — Uh, not really. I might have more money saved, but I also have more debt. It's a wash.
  • Spin fire again — No, sadly.
  • Write. (Blogs, stories, a novel, a play, it doesn't matter.) — Not really.
  • Sing solo on stage (a musical, cabaret, etc. it doesn't matter which.) — No. Closest I came was singing "White Rabbit" as a duet with Becca at Drag Ball.
  • Learn and grow — Uh, maybe? I grew in some ways, but not as much as I wanted.
  • Become a better makeup artist — Yes. I did accomplish this.
  • Start marketing (at least) Adam's photography (and possibly my graphic design/art/etc.) — Not really.

    My goals for 2010:

  • Figure out what I'm going to do with my life. (In other words, get out of the limbo with regard to pursuing my dream. I need to either go for it or officially move on.)
  • Spin fire again.
  • Play the role of Catherine in Proof (also, in part, because a self-produced show would be my only chance of actually doing a show in 2010 if I'm still in my current job)
  • Do more creative things. Write, paint, etc.
  • Get out of debt.


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