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Goals for the year - Silverhill's Lair
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Goals for the year

  • Be in at least two "real" shows (i.e. not counting the ren faire or things like that). I would love it if one were a musical and one were a play, but I'd be okay with a combination of any. — I was in three! Annie, 1776 and A Chorus Line. I achieved this goal and then some.
  • Put together a cabaret with Kevin — No. But I was too busy with the shows I was in.
  • Get the book I wrote for my nieces officially published — No. Maybe I'll try this in 2009.
  • Save money/pay off credit card. — Definitely not. It wasn't my fault, though, as I didn't have a job until the end of October.
  • Create my first font — No. I did occasionally sketch letters for font ideas, though.
  • Spin fire again — Yes! And it was a lot of fun.
  • Get flexible enough to do the splits — Not quite, but almost. So I'll give myself credit for this one.
  • Lose 5-10 pounds (I'm a bit over my ideal weight) — Not owning a scale, it's impossible to say for certain. But I think I have lost weight. So I'm saying yes.
  • Do more illustration/drawing/painting — Not really. I did paint a new desk, though. 1/2 credit.
  • Develop Silverhill Studios — No.
  • Learn calligraphy (I started in '07 but stopped working on it before I really learned it) — No.
  • Write a play or movie — Haha! No. But I think this was never something I was serious about doing this year. It was just a random extra goal.
  • Write a novel — Same as above.
  • See my nieces again — No. And this is the one "failed" goal that I really regret not achieving.
  • Put together professional audition (monologues and 16-bar songs) — Kind of. I need to find better materials, though.
  • Handle audition nerves and casting rejections better — Yes.
  • Become a professional actor (hey, a girl can dream!) — Um, no.
  • Get organized and get rid of clutter and chaos in my life — Yes (and then more clutter came to replace it). I did sell a lot of stuff at the garage sale, though.
  • Other things that I'll probably come up with any time between 5 minutes from now and 11 months from now — Too true. Some goals I came up with, got really excited about and eventually forgot. That's kind of how I am.

    I have to laugh at myself when it comes to aspirations. First of all, I have too many. I'm interested in so many things that I want to do them all. Second of all, I don't need much inspiration to develop grand dreams. I taught myself to crochet, which has now settled into a comfortable niche in my life. It's confined to blankets and scarves, and I do it primarily at movies to keep my fidgety hands busy. But when I was first learning, I had this great idea that I could progress from scarves/blankets to sweaters, hats, etc. ... and sell my hand-crocheted items in local boutiques. It didn't take long for crocheting to take on a more realistic scope in my life.

    So, first "goal" for the year: fewer goals! Here, though, are my goals for 2009:

  • Visit my nieces (and my sisters' new babies)
  • Play the role of Catherine in Proof
  • Save money and decrease my debt
  • Spin fire again
  • Write. (Blogs, stories, a novel, a play, it doesn't matter.)
  • Sing solo on stage (a musical, cabaret, etc. it doesn't matter which.)
  • Learn and grow
  • Become a better makeup artist
  • Start marketing (at least) Adam's photography (and possibly my graphic design/art/etc.)


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