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Some post-election thoughts - Silverhill's Lair
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Some post-election thoughts
In 2004, I read about a rising star in Illinois who was running for the Senate, and he was going to speak at the Democratic convention. (The convention wasn't broadcast on all the networks that night, just channels like PBS and CNN.) At the time, I was working evenings at the copy desk. So I thought I'd watch a couple minutes and then go back to my desk.

I couldn't turn away.

Adam, Lynn and I sent each other jubilant text messages. For the first time in my life, I knew how our parents had felt about Kennedy.

Here is my LJ post from after seeing that speech in 2004.

If you'd asked me in 2004 if I though Obama would be elected in '08, my answer would have been "no way." Adam and I said '12 or '16 would be a dream come true. I thought people who started saying "Obama '08" in 2005 were being way too premature. I thought he would get killed on the experience issue, so I was disappointed that he decided to run. I liked him way too much to want to see him ruin his chances with a premature run. Nevertheless, I did vote for him in the primary.

Obama has always been my ideal presidential candidate: someone I get excited about and inspired by. It's a great feeling to vote for someone rather than voting against the other guy.

When he won, I didn't jump around and cheer. I didn't even really smile. It meant too much to me. I was just kind of numb and in disbelief. (And after 2000, I'm wary of celebrating too soon.) So I was just quiet, and found myself with tears streaming down my cheeks.

Other notes:

1) We had a great party with a ton of people. Everybody arrived before I did, since I was still at work (and Adam was at work the whole time). I love that we have a house where friends can just make themselves at home.

2) I didn't get my free Ben & Jerry's. I was at work, and the line was too long during our break.

3) It was our 8-year wedding anniversary, and what a great "gift." So much better than the disaster of 2000 (which happened right after our actual wedding).

4) I kind of keep forgetting that Obama is black — because it really doesn't matter to me. I don't really sort people into groups like that. And sometimes I think the news stories should be a bit more "Obama, kick-ass politician, elected president" and a little less "Obama, black man, elected president." Obama didn't make his race an issue during the campaign. And so, I think of his victory as being the victory of his ideas over fear, not him over racism. But a major barrier has been broken, and that is cause for great celebration. Next up: a woman president (but not Sarah Palin!).

5) I got the actual news of the winner from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show special. How weird was that? But kind of cool at the same time.

6) In theory, I could be a good political aide or campaign manager. I have the passion and the brains for it. But I'm too sensitive and emotional. I have too much emotional investment in the result. So to have Obama win was something that I desperately wanted, but I was afraid to get my hopes up.

7) Does anybody else think that Obama's 10-year-old daughter looks like she's about 14? I also love that in addition to electing Obama, we get a kick-ass first family. (And a First Lady who was involved in her community before her husband won instead of picking a cause out of political obligation.)

8) I think I was going to say more, but I can't remember, and I have to get ready to go to work.


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ariel_in_blue From: ariel_in_blue Date: November 6th, 2008 02:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
I don't think I actually cried, but I felt my eyes welling up, and Lucy reached up and put her hand on my cheek, Robb was right there with his hand on my shoulder, and for that second, my life was perfect.

I've hit this place, though, where I keep waiting to find out -- well, I've described it to Robb as "How are the Yankees going to win the world series?", which was the feeling we had in 2008...I keep waiting for Ohio or something to say "Wait, no, we didn't mean it!"

I'll feel better in February.
From: phoenica Date: November 7th, 2008 06:12 pm (UTC) (Link)

like I said...

great things come to those who wait... who take an active role in their lives and don't just sit and complain/whine...

And you're right he didn't make his race an issue during his campaign but he did remind us that this was a monumental election for those who have endured the injustices of discrimination and dared to dream and believe in equality.

I see this as one of the greatest moments in history and I also appreciate the revere for which my parents and their parents held JFK. Now, by the Grace of the PTBs, his terms will be as successful as his campaign. :-)
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