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Spread lies and win the election! - Silverhill's Lair
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Spread lies and win the election!
This is exactly what's wrong with campaigning in the United States. And it's exactly what's wrong with the media.

When I see a story by a major national news organization titled "Palin Says Obama Friendly with Terrorists" it alarms me. Not that the McCain/Palin camp would say such a thing (no surprise there). But that the media would report it as news.

Yeah, sure, "Palin said," and Reuters isn't making the accusation themselves. But merely reporting and repeating such remarks gives tacit validity to them (especially for those people who only read the headline and not the full story).

Just as a ludicrous lawsuit deserves to be laughed out of the courtroom and dismissed by the judge without being heard, so too, do ludicrous accusations deserve to be laughed out of the media and not reported.

But this is why negative campaigning works. The media love negative campaigning. It's what inspired my first "election guide" in 2004: The Swift Boat accusations got a lot of coverage. The fact that the accusations were false got a lot less coverage.

I'm disgusted.

I'm feeling: cynical cynical

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